St. Clair County Republican Chairman's message

O'Fallon, Illinois Tue 01 November 2022

St. Clair County Republican Chairman's message

The St. Clair County Chairman released a statement yesterday regarding the actions of the Democrat Party in this election:

During the 2022 campaign, we’ve been shocked by the lack of integrity and by the attack on fair elections from the Democrat Party in the Metro East. Unfortunately for the citizens of the Metro East, these actions are simply a continuation of the Democrats’ focus on maintaining power for the benefit of the IL Democrat machine which doesn’t represent Metro East values. In fact, if you listen to Democrats like JB Pritzker, they mock our values while passing laws that force age-inappropriate sex education standards into our children’s classrooms, lower our safety and security by releasing criminals into our communities, and raise our energy prices by embracing green energy technology that can’t meet our energy needs.

The IL Democrat machine sends millions of dollars into the Metro East to prop up politicians like Chris Belt, who holds three government jobs and rarely shows up for any of them. They have so much money pouring in from billionaire JB Pritzker and the IL Democrat Party that they have to spend it by creating completely false campaign ads like the one from LaToya Greenwood that claimed her competitor voted against in-home senior citizen care when he’d never held elected office or the one from Jay Hoffman that claims, with zero corroboration, that he’s created thousands of jobs for the Metro East. They feel comfortable in making these outlandish claims because they’ve never been called out for them.

To add to all the outrageous misinformation coming from the Democrat Party in the Metro East, they’ve tried to intimidate Republican candidates with vandalism to their homes, businesses, and campaigns and with outright lies about them. Our candidates have had their homes’ mailboxes destroyed, their campaign signs stolen, and horrendous lies broadcast about their personal lives. It’s clear that the Democrats don’t want to allow Metro East citizens to elect Republican candidates that will represent their desires for their communities. They believe they have the right to stay in power through whatever means possible.

Of course, the IL Democrats are now desperate as Metro East voters see with their own eyes and feel with their own pocketbooks the disastrous outcomes of the IL Democrats’ policies. And desperate people do desperate things. Its why IL Democrats have crossed the line when it comes their lack of integrity and their attempt to prevent Metro East voters from having a choice as to who represents them.

As they’ve shown for many years, while they’ve been in power, IL Democrats couldn’t care any less about Metro East citizens. They simply do the bidding of the IL Democrat machine which has become completely beholden to the Democrat Party’s progressive activists. It’s why their legislative focus is on things like placing feminine hygiene products in boys bathrooms instead of growing the economy and ensuring the safety and security of our families in the Metro East.

As Election Day nears, we ask all of the citizens in the Metro East to consider if you want to reward this behavior and put the candidates of the Democrat Party into office to continue to ignore your values and to eagerly vote for whatever the IL Democrat machine tells them to vote for. If your answer is no, please consider voting for the high-quality Metro East citizens that are running as Republican candidates in 2022.

Illinois is a Democrat party strong-hold because of Chicago and Cook County. Historically, St. Clair County has followed in Cook's footsteps: high property tax rates, violent crime, voter fraud, etc. This year, you and I have the opportunity to reject Cook County's example and forge a new path for St. Clair and Illinois: lower taxes, respect for law enforcement, election integrity, and more. This November 8th can be our first step towards making Illinois a place where families want to raise their children, where farmers are respected and supported, and where businesses can invest and grow.

Please consider being a poll watcher if you have already voted. We need people able to be present to make sure the voting process has integrity. Use this SignupGenius link.

Early voting is available now through Tuesday, November 8th. If you need transportation or other assistance, please call the St. Clair County Republicans at 618-416-7370. I will be taking off work on Election Day to work as a poll watcher and/or help voters get to their precinct polling locations. I hope to see you out there.

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