Support CM4CB

Support CM4CB

Every campaign costs money: yard signs, mailers, door-hangers, gasoline for travel, etc. One thing Democrats have in their favor is a large well of PACs and donors to draw from to support local, state and national campaigns. Republicans, especially in heavily Democrat-leaning states, are not well supported by state- or national-level PACs. Thus, local Republican candidates need to be self-funded or supported by the voters.

In 2009, I ran for Belleville alderman and signed the Illinois Policy Institute's Transparency Pledge. I still stand by the values and goal I pledged to uphold back then.

I ask for your support, not only financially, but by placing signs in your yard, hosting meet-and-greets with friends and neighbors, volunteering as a poll watcher or election judge, and more.

Supporting St. Clair County Businesses

It is important to invest in the local economy because we want those who live here to be able to support their families. When running a campaign aiming for making St. Clair county attractive for businesses to invest in, I will lead by example. To the extent possible, I will purchase goods and services for my campaign from St. Clair county businesses. Where not possible, I will purchase goods made in the United States of America. I will make myself accountable by providing a list of expenditures to the public on this website.

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