Election Day 2022!

O'Fallon, Illinois Tue 08 November 2022

Election Day 2022!

Election Day is here! I've been walking many neighborhoods again, leaving my card at each residence as a reminder that voting day is approaching and that voters have a choice this year. I've met many voters throughout District 2 during this Campaign and I hope to serve as your county board member.

I was fortunate to walk some neighborhoods with Erica Harriss, who is running for the State Senate. As we met voters, she would say, "We're looking to be hired by you to be your representatives in government. This is our job interview." She was absolutely right. As much as elections elevate people in the public's eye, what is happening is they are being hired to do a job serving the public. If they do not do that job well, or shirk their duties, then the public should demand change by electing another person. Elected people are accountable to the voters.

She was also right that our campaigns are job interviews. Voters have a chance to evaluate candidates' personality and character during the campaign cycle. By asking questions and identifying issues of concern, voters can learn how candidates would address those issues. By watching how candidates communicate through mailers, email, yard signs, etc, you learn what is important to the candidate: whether they want to be the "less bad" option by attacking their opponent, or whether they have ideas and goals for making the lives of people better.

My goal for this campaign was to show you, that you have a choice for who represents you on the county board. While I have lived in O'Fallon, I cannot recall any candidate for office ever coming to my door and asking for my vote. I know I have not reached every house and residence in District 2 this campaign nor have I met every voter. But I hope I have made a positive impression on those of you who opened the door to me.

If you have voted early, thank you. If you still have a vote-by-mail ballot, bring that with you to the polls to surrender it. And if you need a ride to your polling place, call (618) 416-7370.

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