Civic Engagement

Civic Engagement

This previous year we have seen news reports of parents across the country confronting school boards regarding face-covering requirements, protesting the indoctrination of students via neo-Marxist critical race theory, and objecting to the policies of transgender students in athletics and bathrooms. For all the changes in social norms and expectations that have been forced onto our communities in the name of protecting us from COVID, we may not have learned of these issues otherwise. And we should not let the loosening of these executive order "mandates" lull us into passivity once again.

I believe that government officials should be representatives of the people and values of the community, not "leaders" who act as if they know what is best. As a county board member, I will seek out and welcome input from the people in my district, whether they agree with me or not. Moreover, when residents proactively offer their perspectives on topics, I will listen! Civic engagement goes both ways: from the voter to the elected official and the official to the voter.

The best way to stay engaged with me is via my Digital Townhall, hosted on When you become a member, I can let you know what the County Board is considering, tell you when I'll be available in the community as well as hosting regular "virtual town halls" where we can interact via video chats.

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